"Working with StickyMarketing showed me what the potential of the web can be. Their insight and ability to process data and create a profitable future for the company was amazing. They contiuned to open up doors I thought were not attainable."
Flynn Seddon
Director of Terrain Parks and Outdoor Events
Big White Ski Resort.

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Measure & Monitor

A finger on the pulse, be ready to adjust & react

Internet Marketing

Web Traffic Analytics

Web traffic analytics is so much more than just how many visitors you are receiving. StickyMarketing can help you understand your traffic trends, measure the value of your Internet marketing efforts, and suggest ways to help you grow and engage your site visitors.


Reputation Management

What will you do when someone takes a stab at your organization? StickyMarketing will help you find where conversations are taking place about your brand, which is first step - finding those conversations and interacting appropriately is the immeasurably valuable second step.